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  • VIKASANA Institute for Rural and Urban Development is a secular & non-profit
    organization engaged in activities oriented to promote holistic development of the
    community since 1984.
  • Motto of our organization is “To be self reliant and to help
    people become self-reliant”. Our vital object is to act as supportive agencies to assist
    the community-based organization, to become self-reliant.
  • VIKASANA is based with Registered and Administration Office at Mandya (District Head Quarters).
  • It believes in community participation is the major tool
    for social development. It is playing an optimistic role in promotion of community
    participation in various forms.

Our Mission

“Be Self-Reliant and help others to become Self-Reliant”

Our Vision

“Be Human - Humanity is the first step of Social Change”

Our Values

To develop a Humane Society based on "Sharing & Caring "

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Our Causes

Popular Causes

Children and women welfare

Education for Poor Children

Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident sunt.

Promoting Mid-day Meals For Homeless In Mandya

Feeding the hungry homeless elderly, women, children, leprosy patients, disabled on the streets as part of zero hunger. Every day 100 hungry homeless get food donation, fruits in lunch. In India, many homeless people lives on public places of highways, railway stations and bus stops. Our aim to feed the hungry homeless destitute, abandoned senior citizens, migrant workers. Vikasana works to eradicate hunger, malnutrition, food wastage. Donate today to help us to serve the hungry homeless
What We Do?

We’re On A Mission To Solve
The Problems

With our help and your support

Pure Water

More than 20000 Ha. of watershed area has been treated successful ground water recharge, yield  enhancement , grown up horticulture arched forestry coverage.

Healthy Food

With food, care and protection of 1 day to 18 years age group of abandoned, destitute children.

Medical Facilities

toll free 24 hours call support facility to distressed children 

reaching them within  60 minutes, counseling, protection, and rehabilitation of the child.


conducting human resource and skill development training's to youths, self  help groups, CBO's, NGO's, Local governance, Govt. agencies.

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Joining hands together for a  better future