Without natural resources life itself is impossible

  1. Sustainable Agriculture

  2. Social forestry and forestry Promotion 

  3. Land Treatment 

  4. Soil Health Management 

  5. Ground Water Management 

  6. Organic and chemical-free Farming and Food Production

  7. Rice Diversity Centre

Our intervention

1. Natural Resource Development and Management:

The people in the rural communities with whom VIKASANA works belong to ‘small and
marginal’ farmer categories. Most of them produce for self consumption in their small land
holdings. Agricultural productivity is rain dependent.

Enhancing ‘on- farm’ productivity has three stages. First is ‘management of natural resources as
investment for productivity’. Natural resources of land and water are managed for optimization of
productivity through interventions such as watershed development, soil fertility building through
farm yard manure and organic farming. Traditional knowledge and methods of farming is
encouraged and mentored, supplemented by appropriate and intermediary technology for technoeconomic feasibility of the ‘on- farm’ enterprise.
The second area of intervention is, ‘crop management for increase in yield’. The objective of this
intervention is to ‘optimize the per acre yield and per acre income’ of the on-farm enterprise.

Change over to certified seeds, change in package of practices (POP) , seed and crop management
and pest management are some activities under this intervention.
The third area of intervention is ‘value chain management for optimization of techno- economic
feasibility of on- farm enterprises’. Post harvest product management, processing and packing of
produce and direct marketing are activities under this intervention.

Some pioneering prototypes in on- farm productivity achieved by VIKASANA over the years are
as follows
• On – farm productivity through combination of agro forestry and inter-cropping of food
crops for food self reliance
• Value chain management in Ragi with scope for replicability of the model to other crops
• Production, branding and sale of 6ermin – compost as a collective enterprise of farmer
producer groups
Prototyping has been done in area of solar promotion as a source of renewable and eco- friendly
energy source

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Sustainable Agriculture

Ground Water Management

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Our intervention

Framers Krushi Patta shale

Krushi  patta shale program teaches the farmer basic framing and its advantages, how enrich soil without chemical fertilizers and the importance of Organic Farming.

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